$3 ea.

piri piri potato crisps

$6 ea.

marinated olives

almond-stuffed olives

chili-stuffed olives (spicy)

stuffed figs

blue cheese

stuffed cherry peps

bacon & cream cheese


$4 ea.

pintxos (toasted bread)

w. choice

smoked salmon
Serrano & manchego
fresh bruschetta

$6 ea.

sardine paté

liver paté

$9 ea.

octopus & mussel salad

tomato & bocconcini salad

red onions, red wine vinaigrette


olive oil & Parmigiano

$12 ea.

Serrano ham

twelve-month cure

braised lamb & spinach salad

goat cheese, pear, pine nuts, Dijon vinaigrette

$16 ea.

smoked tuna

cold smoked, seared
w. cucumber-green onion salsa

smoked duck carpaccio

truffle oil, arugula, mustard vinaigrette

beef striploin

in-house cure

cheese board

twelve-month manchego (Spain), Ermite blue (Quebec), Douanier (Quebec)

$18 ea.

steak tartar

house recipe served w. chips

$22 ea.

charcutaria board

Serrano, smoked duck prosciutto, cured beef striploin

$32 ea.

charcutaria & cheese

marinated olives, bocconcini & grape tomatoes


$6 ea.


w.choice (1)

spinach, sundried tomato,
manchego cheese

patatas bravas

fried potatoes, spicy garlic aioli

crimini mushrooms w. sherry

grilled asparagus

sea salt, olive oil

sautéed kale

roasted garlic, onions, roasted red & yellow peppers

grilled eggplant package

goat cheese, fresh tomato, pine nuts

grilled artichokes

bacon-wrapped dates

stuffed w. manchego cheese

grilled Italian sausage

grilled sardines

salsa verde

grilled calamari

spicy tomato & lemon

$9 ea.

braised pork belly

piri piri chicken pinchos

grilled octopus

black olive vinaigrette

$12 ea.

braised boar cheeks

Portuguese chorizo

flaming w. grappa

beef tenderloin pinchos

grilled piri piri prawns

pimento aioli

$18 ea.

clams & pork belly

garlic, cilantro, pimento, olive oil, white wine

fresh mussels in red wine

wild mushroom & kale risotto

Andalucia-style baked eggs

chorizo, jamon, potatoes, vegetables

$24 ea.

seared scallops

squid ink risotto

$28 ea.

lobster risotto

$32 ea.

SABOR's seafood paella

prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels, clams

All ingredients are not listed. Please inform your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions prior to ordering.